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At other times, sending a text or email is the best idea as the phone line is not always manned and your call is unlikely to be answered. You need to upload it to the BBC Introducing website The music uploader is only for artists in the UK, please read all the terms and conditions.

There's lots more good advice on the BBC Introducing website. You can search and apply for BBC job and work experience opportunities here. You can try texting or tweeting the show on-air, but we do get thousands of shout out requests each day and can usually only mention a handful of people. Main content. About Radio 1. Frequently Asked Questions. The Hernandez Family - The birthday child is taken away from the house and made to think that everyone has forgotten their birthday. Guests fill the house. The child is taken home when they say they are hungry and there is a special knock so everyone knows they have arrived.

100 Greatest Bruce Springsteen Songs of All Time

Then there is a big party. The Byrd Family - Themes. Each year a different theme is choosen for the daughter's birthday such as barnyard, storybook, luau, fiesta etc. The house is elaborately decorated late the night before with crafts, favors and other items which revolve around the theme so when the birthday child wakes up they walk right into the celebration. The Stubbs Family - Search for gifts.

It's My Birthday

Birthday gifts were not wrapped because of lack of wrapping paper and tape. They were left in the bag they were bought in, somewhere in the house. The birthday child would search for the gift around the house and the family directs them by saying warmer when they got close to it and colder when they got further away from it. Even thought the tradition started without wrapping paper it continues with the gifts now wrapped. The Gonsalves Family - Birthday pancakes.

List of songs that reached number one on the Irish Singles Chart - Wikipedia

Pancakes are made with food coloring. Each pancake in the stack has either the child's first initial or the number representing the child's age. A lit candle is placed on the stack and family gathers around the breakfast table to sing "happy birthday". The Valenti Family - Monthly pictures. During the first year of life, we sing happy birthday each month on the day of birth and a picture and video is taken marking that month's achievements. By the time the child is one they know the words to the happy birthday song very well and the pictures taken each month are pasted onto a large sheet of paper with a professional first birthday picture in the center.

The Cluney Family - Baby sized cakes. When the child turns 1 year old the party guests get a regular sized birthday cake and the baby gets a miniature birthday cake for themself. This family sings a second verse to the "Happy Birthday" song which none of their friends ever seems to have heard. It goes "May the dear Lord bless you, in all that you do. May Mary and Joseph smile down on you". The Evans Family - Answering the phone with the words "birthday gift". The birthday person must answer the phone with the words "birthday gift".

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If they forget or the person calling says it first they supposedly could take one of the birthday presents, their choice! The Hillenbrand Family - Singing off-tune. When singing the happy birthday song, all the family members purposely sing very badly. The song is so off-tune that it hurts the birthday person's ears. Wrong words are also purposely used when singing the birthday song too. The Gerena Family - Turning from a girl to a woman.

When a female cousin turns fifteen or sixteen the girl walks down the aisle in church, wedding style. When she gets to the front she's turning from being a girl to a woman. The pastor prays for her and gives her the meaning of being a woman. Then we have a reception and celebrate. The Guinn Family - Fruit pies. All of the family's birthdays are five days apart.

Each person gets to choose their favorite fruit of the year for a fruit pie on their birthday. The Hutcheson Family - Birthday bear candle. On the first son's first birthday a huge birthday bear candle was bought and placed on his cake. It is saved and used every year on his birthday cake and the birthday cake of other children in the family as well. The Gardunio Family - Helium balloons. On the day of each child's birthday we fill up their room with helium balloons attached with curly ribbons. The Curtis Family - Professional portraits.

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Each year on our daughter's birthday we have a professional portrait taken in a new outfit which she picks out. We also visit the hospital where she was born and sometimes even run into a nurse who took care of her as a new born!

What was the No.1 song on the day you were born? Enter your date of birth and listen to it!

The Nyberg Family - The cake in the chair in front of the house birthday pictures. Every year at the child's birthday gathering it is announced that it is time to go outside to take the "cake in the chair in front of the house birthday pictures". The birthday child stands next to the cake.

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Passerbys often think the family is odd for doing this, but it adds weight to the tradition. The pictures are saved in a picture book album. The Noble Family - The kids are taken out to their desired place where they can buy anything thing they want within a certain price range. Until the kids are ten they have a birthday party, after that age they are taken somewhere very special. The Bodick Family - A special song about the morning of the day you were born.

The birthday child is awoken by being serenaded by the Spanish song "Las Mananitas", which is about the morning of the day you were born. It is followed by the traditional "Happy Birthday" song. The Nutter Family - Birthday person gives a gift to the family. On the Saturday night of the birthday week we have a family dinner with lots of invited guests.

The birthday person gets presents but also must give one present to the entire family. As the child got older, the present for the family got bigger ranging from a tape to a patio table. The children really enjoyed being able to give to others even though it was their special day. The Bevis Family - Palm prints.


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