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Sun a Government - Authority - indicator. He is in Leo - A sign indicating Service. This Sign also indicate Govt. Jup is Jeeva karaka - Self-involved in Karma. Jup is with many planets - Many Jeevas are also involved in this karma. Moo Indicates - Changes - Travel. Ven Indicates Luxurious. Mer indicates - Intelligence.

Step 7 The opposite group is having a planet in its 2nd Group i.

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This would have effect indirectly on Sat karma karaka. Therefore take the South group planets. Mar is in Virgo a South sign. It is a Business class sign. Mar is power - Shakti - Yantra Machinery. Mar is also an enemy of Saturn creating problems. Ket is in Capricorn a South sign. Therefore his karma is of Authority Air Travel carrying many people are luxurious and elite people through powerful machinery which is risky where he may end karma of everybody.

This native is a Pilot. Therefore, this person will take up a pilot job and later on changes his profession. How the Naadi system works Planets have many significations. By combination of planets, the lesser degree planet will be approaching the higher degree planet. That is the approached planet will give its Karakatwa effects to the approaching planet. This will either be good or bad based on two qualities of approached planet. Similarly a planet in the next sign will give its Karakatwa to the planet behind it.

However there is a mutual link between them. For the planet in behind sign the planet in front sign acts as planning and future actions. For the planet in front sign the planet in behind sign indicates the past or history of the matter. In a nut shell, the planets are combined to a selected planet from 1, 5, 9, and from 2, 12 7th and their trines thereof.

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The houses and Ascendants are not considered at this stage in the Naadi system. However at a later stage of advanced study of Naadi these are very much considered. Since there are many significations for each planet, with the simple rules the logic needs to be applied for combining the right combinations to arrive at precise prediction.

What we want to predict will be more important and then associate the concerned planet with its appropriate signification. Predictive matters have been tabled and given above against the planets. Simply select the matter and mark the planet against it and look for directional combination using the direction chart. You can sequentially predict every aspect of life selecting, Jeeva karakas, like native, father, mother, sister, daughter, Son Etc from the above list and select the material matter using Mercury, Venus, etc.

In-depth predictions can be made by enhancing your vision and logic in application of Karakatwas of planets. It is evident that the predictions are based on only planetary positions and the birth time factor has negligible influence. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a horary chart made at the time of consultation, and compare the birth chart with that of horary chart. You will come across many hidden secrets of delicate nature. You must be careful in not disclosing the matters bluntly and hurt the feelings of the native.

It is better to avoid matter which would hurt the feelings of the native. Certain clues with regard to health matters, loss, and other involvement of non-personal nature can be warned. This amounts to an average stay of 1 year in each sign. Wider the Gap between them and having More number of planets Except Ket between them ensures good Longevity.

Transit and Natal simultaneous conjunction of Rah, Jup and Ket and Sat will be a matter of concern with regard to health and longevity. During this period look for position of Sun, Moo Father and Mother their economic growth and environment. This will have a say in up-bringing of the child.

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Next we look for Mar and Ket in relation to Mer for his scope of learning. Sat may not cause disturbances in education but may cause delay or give diseases if ill-disposed either by Natal or Transit position. During this period Mer being a planet indicating friends, look for its disposition and see whether Ket is associated in some manner either with transit or Natal Mer which will indicate love affairs etc. Such powerful combination of Jup and Ven may give early marriage.

This period will have a say for Sat to decide his career. Look for Jup and Sat relation in Natal chart and if this position is well disposed without any inimical influence, the native may settle down in career, if transit Sat or Jup associates with Natal position. Father and Mother at this stage. If family economic condition and environment is good, this may make the native settle down in life and marriage prospects can also be decided upon.

Certain business community and well placed families prefer early marriage of their children.

Categorize them with the topographical culture and rituals. In general middle and upper middle class educated and employment oriented families may not hurry up for early marriage, as they would normally be looking for completion of higher education and settlement in life of their children.

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  • This category mostly will be planning the marriage etc. This period will have higher Learning - Settlements in life - Financial stability. Collectively and severally look for combinations of Mer-Ven-Sat in relation to Jup for higher education, wealth, land, and profession. Adverse combination in Natal Chart may produce bad results. Transit Jup may try to give some of the good results, the adverse planets combined in Natal chart may cause obstructions. Native may gain or lose in the matters of property, land, professional, status and honour.

    Here the assessment should be more on wealth, property and children welfare matters. You should also look for health matters of family and native, as this is the stage where the pleasure and pains will tell upon the life of native. Travels, change of place and philosophical life to be noted here. Planets indicating relatives, wife, children etc.

    Plus Sat would lead to Sanyasa. Look for Sanyasa and Moksha Yogas in the Chart. If exists will tune his life accordingly. Friendly combinations of Planets in Natal chart would ensure good results by transit of Jup. Transiting inimical planets may cause hindrance temporary short term hindrances. Rah and Ket may cause hindrance in their transit during the period they approach a planet and relived when they move apart from the planet considered in question.

    Horoscope: Daily, Weekly & Yearly Horoscope predictions at Deccan Herald

    The word transit used in the above paragraphs is a Naadi system for timing of events. This is separately dealt. The same rules are now simplified for analysis purposes. The combination of planets are turned into directional chart a given below. If it is in the direction of 2nd i.

    In the 12th sign it shows the inheritance or genetically prone. Explanation: For any direction clockwise it will be 2, 7 and 12 directions. How to Predict Education? In most of the cases the Education will be relating to Profession. Therefore, we must see the professional combination first and the present educational level, before finally advising the suitable line of education. Sometimes, the person may be interested to pursue different line of education irrespective of his profession.

    In such cases, the above combinations must be given importance and the right educational combination must be arrived.

    Vaastu International Consultancy

    Normally MER-Aspecting Jupiter will indicate the good educational prospects - We must look for other combination of planes with Mercury and logically combine to arrive at the right line of Education. During these days the education has many branches and it will be difficult to pin point exact subject. Therefore it is always better to maintain the broad category as shown below to indicate the Education-Comparing with his professional combination.

    Please refer to Orbital providence for more details. Note: Please see the significations Karakatwa of planets the heading Learning and Earning which gives some details about the educational matters. These significations along with the sign significations are to be considered for educational matters.

    2020 Leo Horoscope

    We give below some examples of Education. Examples of Education Engineer 1. Mer with Sat and Venus linking to Moo in opposite direction 2.